Kouluvierailuja tarjolla

Suomen Kristillinen Rauhanliike tarjoaa rauhankasvatusta edistäviä ja rasismia vähentäviä maksuttomia kouluvierailuja Etelä- ja Keski-Suomen ja Joensuun seudun kouluihin. Vierailu voi kestää yhdestä oppitunnista koko päivään. Vierailun sisältö riippuu ajasta ja paikasta (eri kouluttajillamme on erilaiset aikataulut ja ohjelmasisällöt), mutta yhdistävänä tekijänä on globaalikasvatus ja pyrkimys vähentää maailmasta väkivaltaa. Tarjolla on myös musiikkia. Vierailumme sopivat esimerkiksi uskonnon, elämänkatsomuksen, historian tai yhteiskuntaopin tunneille, niin peruskouluun kuin lukioihinkin.


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11 thoughts on “Kouluvierailuja tarjolla

  1. Icarus,Did you know that if you removed 100 ppm CO2 from the atmosphere, 100 million people in the rice growing regions of Asia would starve to death the next year? All crops would suffer. There would be world-wide famine.

  2. I have a bottle of vintage-ish Habanita on the way, to compare with my decant of the current iteration, which I do like but I’m still inerested in the vintage. I’m only doing this because Habanita tends to fly under everyone’s radar and this unopened 25 ml bottle was not expensive. I used to buy quite a lot of vintage stuff – minis mostly – but the expense and frustration put me off somewhat. That – and the fact that some of the retro stuff coming out of the niche houses is now filling an oakmoss shaped hole in my life!Congrats on your Vol de Nuit!

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  4. Bush and Rove are working to split the Hispanic voting bloc away from the Republicans in order to set up Jeb Bush as the inevitable candidate four or eight years from now. Jeb, with his Mexican wife and his popularity in Florida and Texas, along with the Bush money machine will be unstoppable as long as the republicans lose this time. Watch as they split the Republican base and wreck republican chances in this year.

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  6. Good idea Linda…you should know more before you make unwarranted comments. There is nothing nimbyistic about this issue..it is real..and it is affecting hundreds of people in Ontario already. Get informed..read. and who knows..maybe there’s a 57 storey industrial wind turbine coming to a front yard near you!

  7. I got used to the infinite scrolling, but every 10 minutes or so, it would refresh and come up with the wrong formatting. So far haven’t had that problem with the Next Page buttons.IDEA: have more lols per page! instead of only 5 or 10 lols, have 20 so we can spend more time on a page and less time clicking Next.Also, BRING BACK THE SEARCH!!!! The worst thing about Beta is that there is no way to search. Or if there is, I haven’t found it. I have to always go back to the old cheezburger to search…

  8. Mr. Moldbug,1) Aren’t you contrasting flawed reality with imagined perfection here? You name plenty of type 1 societies, but how about some concrete examples of societies in history you would consider to be type 3?2) Wouldn’t a “peloton” likely form around the truth in a genuine type 3 society? As you say, that’s certainly what the Cathedral would like us to think is going on. Sure the “peloton” moves over time, that’s just the effect of increasing understanding bringing us closer to the truth! How would someone living in a type 3 society know it wasn’t a type 2, and vice-versa?

  9. Carrie!! I’m SO J! It sounds like you guys are having a fantastic time and I really can’t wait to come and visit! It’s going to be amazing! Keep on blogging, I’m going to live vicariously through you (and Doug I guess too)

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